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Trade-in your vehicle & save on a new car

Drive off in a new-to-you vehicle today!

Receive a $250 trade-in allowance.

One major benefit to trading-in your used car is you get a state tax credit when purchasing a new car.

Reduce your monthly car payments by lowering the cost of your car with your trade-in.

Supplementing your down payment with your trade-in vehicle gives you way more opportunities to unlock additional financing options.

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Private car sale woes, and noes

Here are the top 8 reasons why you shouldn’t sell your car privately.

Safety, getting into a car to go for a spin around the block with a stranger, danger, cliché but the truth!

Time, it could take weeks or even months before you even get a nibble let alone a bite.

Money, car maintenance, insurance, and monthly car payments if applicable add up quick!

Lowball offers, slim chance in Utopia that a buyer’s going to offer you asking price.

Repairs, if you end up paying to have anything repaired per the buyer’s request, the deal could end up falling through in the end.

Instability, talking is one thing, walking is another. The buyer’s financing could fall through and since anything can happen with a private sale...

The fine print, you need to know what you’re doing when selling your car privately. Legalities are no joke!

Moral, save yourself a headache or 9+ and sell your car to us today!

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